Attention to any viewers as from July 13th 2014: Join the Light Troops of CP

This is Sledderboy speaking, owner of this website. I have returned temporarily until around September – December. Not for blogging but i have returned to the cp army world.

If anybody is looking for a place of fun to join in club penguin, I suggest you join the Light Troops of CP. We are an all experienced, large cp army. There are fun snow battles extremely often as we are currently in a war with the Dark Warriors. Other days are just relaxing and chatting to your fellow army mates or chilling on cp. All may join, even if you have no cp army experience. We’re here to help you have a fun time on cp while keeping it safe and defending it from evil such as the Dark Warriors. Please join the Light Troops today by leaving a joining application over here

One may also visit the LT Chat/ LT HQ at

Thank you for your consideration and patience. I hope you consider this great opportunity


New Blog ( moving )

I have made a better , bigger blog with an amazing theme.

I will be posting on there from now on. However , i will not delete this site as it holds a lot of memories.

The blog is still 10% unfinished. I have to add widgets and thats all.

I await your arrival at my new blog.

The link is

Click the link to go to it.

Thank you!

Maze 2 cheats!

To start with , go to the middle maze at the cave then , when you get to the first room , throw snowballs at the torches the penguins are holding to turn them off

Then , when you get to the second room , try slide the key but , its different on every bodies computer so i cant help you.

Then , once you get into the next room , pick up your free horse

Then , in the 4th room , you have to throw snowballs in the bucket , when the button on the cannon flashes green , shoot it at the dragon!

In the last room , you get get a first toothbrush pin and some money for your igloos!

And thats quest 2 done!

Hope this helps!

1st Maze cheats

Here are the cheats for the 1st maze.

Go to the cave and go to the one on the left.

When you enter the first room , Step on all the panels to turn on the orbs. Then , the door will open

When you enter the second room , pick up the free item!

Then , throw snowballs at the targets until the door opens. You have the throw 50 snowballs

Then , when you enter the maze , remember to get your free item!

Then , just go through the rooms in this exact order:

Down , Left , Down , Right , Right , Up

Then , you should complete the maze and get the free item:

And thats the end of your walkthrough for the 1st maze. The next ones will come soon..



The party is finally here and it looks great!

To get the free item , go to the lighthouse at the bottom left and go next to the hat

Then , for members , waddle to the gift shop and get ye armor for battle

And , to get the new pin , head to the boiler room and click the pin maker 3000

And here is the brazer pin

That’s pretty much all the cheats for the non-members.