Enter Old cp!

Hey guys!

On this page you can click some of the swfs and you can see how some of old cp used to be like! So go ahed and click whatever you want!

Click here for the old cp blog. You can view all the blogs pages exept membership . Also you can not log into old cp.

Click here for the old cp tutorial!

Click here for the old ‘ how to edit your igloo’ tutorial

This is a normal igloo in penguin chat 3 with some awesome penguin chat 3 music!

Old map without stage!

Old map with stage!

I  hope you like them! Ill try find more soon!

🙂 Sledderboy 🙂



40 comments on “Enter Old cp!

  1. i
    will tell u all that just go and write old atlantic penguin
    and join it its remake of club penguin everyone is member in it

  2. Guys its not Club penguins fault (well a bit) its changed becuase in the old times club penguin did a wrong thing called membership. people were forced to buy them becuase it was the only way to get the items on club penguin. loads of people bought membership by paying and then disney spotted that they had a big amount of money so they bought it. Disney decided to take over cp to make it more educational (yeah right more like boring)the only way to change it back is to persuade disney to leave or change it.

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